Hubcap Hedgerow

Being a young driver can be costly, so, if you want to avoid forking out more money for new hubcaps, steer well clear of the A35 in Dorset.

A Christchurch resident had condemned the stretch of road outside his home as one of the worst in Britain for potholes, and it’s not just an empty statement. 

He said “I walk my pet dogs up and down the road and there are wheel hubs everywhere.” Adding, “I've driven all over Bulgaria and I've never seen a road in this state.

“It has been like it for over a year.”

Irritated that the local authority has not taken action, the dog-walker has taken to collecting the many hubcaps he finds along the road-side and placing them together in the hedgerows to make an impact and stir the council into action.

The hubcap gatherer says that he has “watched numerous cars, lorries and bikes swerve violently to avoid the potholes over many months” and he thinks that the state of decline the road has been allowed to reach is “disgusting”.

We are happy to report that the Dorset man’s hubcap graveyard has finally caught the attention of the appropriate authority, and a spokesperson for Dorset County Council has said that resurfacing work on the potholed road is due to commence - hoorah!

Image © ButterflySha via Flickr under Creative Commons Licence



Proof that money only brings pain

There’s something about big spending that gives me an awful sinking feeling.

Even if I do have the money to spend on an object, whether it is a new bike, new car, new computer or new piece of clothing, it always leaves me feeling a little sick and circumspect.

It is one of the reasons why I could never own a Ferrari, aside from the inevitably exorbitant car insurance.

As much as I can admire the slick, iconic look and high-performance Italian engineering of the Ferrari, I just know that if I owned one I would suffer what I will call performance car anxiety.

Would it get scratched? Would it bottom out? Would I reverse it into a tree? Would it get stolen? What if I was priced out of being able to get the thing covered?

So, pity the poor man who bought a Ferrari two weeks ago only for it to be written off by a big 4x4 which drove up and crushed its bonnet just days later.

The sports car had a mere 500 miles on the clock – ouch!

Image © motoyen via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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