Unlucky number 13

Do you get worried when a black cat crosses your path? Are you horrified if you break a mirror? Are you dreading March the 1st 2013, when all new registrations will contain the unluckiest of numbers?

 If you are, then you might be pleased to know that the DVLA are going to allow people to keep using the 62-plate which will be available from the beginning of next month.

However, it will be treated like a personalised registration plate, so you’ll have to fork out at least £250 for it.

Nevertheless, although I don’t believe that the number 13 has any properties which will directly cause bad luck – like failing to get a good car insurance quote – I do think that superstitious motorists could experience some misfortune if they have a number 13 registration plate.

It’s all to do with psychology. If someone believes that they have an unlucky car, they’re probably going to be a little on edge when behind the wheel. As a result, this might actually cause them to be involved in a crash – just because they were driving in a nervous manner.

Still, for some, having the number 13 in their registration will be a blessing. Many people actually believe the number to be lucky instead of cursed, so I expect that they’ll be looking forward to building up their no-claims bonus and passing all their MOT’s with full marks.  

Photo © kirstyhall via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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