Crossing the line with a zebra and a parrot

One American farmer has done his next car insurance quote no favours at all after taking his zebra and his macaw for a drunken spin. Yes, you read it right the first time, zebra and macaw.

As if to make the whole scene even more surreal, the two animals were actually front seat passengers. Yes, that’s right, front seat passengers.

The farmer made it all sound as if it was the most natural thing in the world. "I said, 'Let's go for a ride.' I ain't been away from the farm for almost two months because I've been planting corn and everything else. So I opened the door, the zebra jumps in, the macaw loves to go for a ride, so we went for a ride.” Right then…

The farmer said that he regretted drink driving and was about to let a passenger take over (it’s not known whether this would have been the zebra or the macaw) when he was stopped by traffic police.

I would venture that the farmer’s actions are definitely something you should not be looking to parrot, particularly if you want to earn your car insurance stripes.

Here at duck2water we’ve used our connections in the avian world to get an exclusive copy of one of the police mugshots.

Image © Tripiale via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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