The birds

If you want to make sure that when you come to sell your car, you get the most money for it possible, you should protect the paintwork.

Yes, there are other things to worry about – obviously your car won’t get sold for much if it’s failed its MOT or is likely to fail its next one – but taking care of your vehicle’s paintwork is a step in the right direction.

And what of all things might stand in the way of you achieving the goal of shiny, unblemished paintwork?

The birds.

Yes, it’s a little like that Alfred Hitchcock film.  Your car is immaculate one day – and the next it’s splattered with bird poo.

Halfords recently conducted a study which revealed that birds poo on red cars the most, and green cars the least.

But, whatever colour your car, if you see bird poo on it, clean it off asap.  If you let it stick around for a while, it could ruin your car paintwork.  Don’t let the birds win their war!

Photo © Picture Perfect Pose via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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