You can sell me a patriotic MINI anyday

Now I’m a bit of an Olympic cheerleader. Yes, I managed to get tickets – one night of athletics and a day of paralympic equestrianism – and I have purchased a total of five official 2012 pin badges (one for each member of my family and a spare for me in neutral tones to mix and match with whatever I am wearing).

I have also bought, as gifts mostly, two Olympic posters, a blue Union Jack Olympic towel, a Mandeville plush toy (the Paralympic mascot), a team GB lion-head mug and a car sticker. As you can probably tell, I am ever-so-slightly enthused by the prospect of the forthcoming games.

In fact, when it comes to all things Olympian, I am a bit of a fan – except… when it comes to Daley Thompson’s acting skills. Don’t get me wrong any man who can whistle his way through his country’s national anthem and still get a job promoting MINI/Olympics is okay by me – especially as his feats in the decathlon are legendary – but, and I pause to bow here and apologise profusely to Mr Daley, somebody should have told the former giant in multi-eventing to “STEP AWAY FROM THE MINI FILM SCRIPT!”

I am in fact talking about MINI’s promotional video, nattily nicknamed “The Britalian Job”, in which three gold medal-winning GB Olympians drive three MINIs, in red, white and blue of course, through the streets of London.

The plot involves Daley Thompson in his underground lair overseeing three drivers, James Cracknell, Matthew Pinsent and Jonathan Edwards (but not really them) in their pursuit of Jodie Kidd (errr, why???) who has stolen the nation’s gold medals.

Following some clever stunts and funny scenes, the culmination of the video comes as the three MINIs go spectacularly airborne in front of the Olympic Stadium just in time to corner the thief and retrieve the loot.

I have to say, I loved the video – I love any homage to the original film (the 1969 version, not the 2003 shameless remake) and it appears that you could sell me just about anything at the moment as long as it is painted red, white and blue.

Patriotic MINIs, Olympians and London by night – combine all that with car driving stunts and a glimpse of Olympic park, and for me you have the perfect combination. But, for my son, hmmmm…not so much. I must be getting old.

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