Online shopping makes for easy football viewing

Cheap car insurance bought and paid for – check! Enough supplies in the fridge to last until 1st July – check! TV and satellite receiver primed and ready to go – check! Availability to do anything when the matches are on – no chance!

Yes, it’s time for the UEFA European Football Championships 2012 and I don’t want any interruptions; least of all to sort out such things like car insurance or vehicle tax (all due for me on the 1st July).

Thanks to the miracle of the internet, I have handled everything online and my car will still be legal to drive when the Euros’ goal nets are packed away and the victors (either Spain or Germany if the betting odds are anything to go by) will have headed home to their heroes’ welcome.

I’ve shopped for refreshing beverages and tasty snacks from my local supermarket, all to be delivered periodically over the course of the tournament, and my fantasy Euro football team is already at the top of my league. It’s all looking good.

Plus, because sorting car insurance out over the internet is usually the cheapest way of doing it, I have saved myself enough money to ensure that I’m smiling as the England team heads into its first game tonight – whether I’ll be smiling at the end of 90 minutes is another matter entirely, but then I’ll just have to think about my great duck2water deal and I’ll be able to smile again.  

Image © DrabikPany via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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