The racing driver who likes to take it slow

Who would have thought it? Damon Hill, once famed for travelling round an asphalt track at 200mph, has told us that he thinks the speed limit should be set at 55mph.

It is certainly a shock to fans of motor racing, many of whom imagine that their helmeted heroes spend their leisure driving at 100mph-plus expertly avoiding traffic police and speed cameras.

Hill couldn’t have done more to disillusion fans. “I’m not interested in cars,” he said, while also confessing that he drivers a decade-old VW Golf and never goes above 70mph because he finds it too stressful.

So, Hill might not be the most electric figure, but considering his safe and sensible driving message, he certainly is a good and slightly unconventional role model.

Also, if younger drivers were to follow his lead and slow down en masse, he just might help many find cheaper car insurance.

What next? Chefs who don’t like food? Lawyers who don’t like arguing? Swimmers who don’t like getting wet?

Photo © Supermac1961 via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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