Watch out for Rupert the chartered surveyor!

A recent study by a car insurance provider found that depending on what your name is, you are apparently more or less likely to break the speed limit.

Furthermore, which profession you’re in also has an impact on your need for speed.

Reportedly, if you are called Juliet, Susannah, Justine, Deirdre or Alexis, or Rupert, Julian, Piers, Giles or Justin, you’re much less likely to decide to stick to the speed limit, preferring rather to leave other motorists in a cloud of your dust.

On the other hand, anyone called Molly, Shannon, Bethany, Lily, Courtney or Caitlin, or Terrence, Jake, Jordan, Joshua, Jacob or Declan, tends to stay safe by obeying speed signs.

Apparently men employed as chartered surveyors, sales managers, surgeons, TV producers, company chairmen or barristers are the worst offenders when it comes to driving too fast, and for women the speediest professions are commissioned officers in the Armed Forces, chartered surveyors, GPs, business consultants, heads of personnel and vets.

Looks like chartered surveyors are the very worst on both sides then!

Is there any science behind these findings? Erm, I’m not sure. But it’s certainly interesting, I can’t deny!

Photo © oddsock via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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