Cheaper car insurance and a healthier car and body

Following on from a recent post which explained how inactivity can be as deadly as smoking, we at Duck2Water have been alarmed to learn that medical students are not being taught about the benefits of exercise.

This, clearly, is a ludicrous situation. As we all know, prevention will always be preferable to cure and if doctors know little about fitness and exercise, what hope can we have for the health of the nation.

Why, it would be like a mechanic not knowing about the benefits of regularly topping up oil or ensuring safe tyre tread, or indeed like a car insurance company not knowing about the cost benefits of having a no-claims bonus, or buying a reliable and modest motor.

But health and fitness, matters of life and death, are surely more important than either of the above analogies.

Yet, according to research carried out in 31 of the United Kingdom’s medical schools the instruction and learning on the benefits of exercise was found to be "sparse or non-existent".

One way of course that you can help protect your car’s engine from wear and tear, reduce the cost of your car insurance and get some exercise is to cut out short journeys in and around town by walking or cycling instead. There! We didn’t need to go medical school to learn that nugget!  

Photo © London Attractions Guide via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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