Keeping fit without becoming broke

Reports have revealed that not only is Britain amongst the laziest nations in the world, but that a lack of exercise can be as deadly on a person’s health as smoking.

While plenty of people manage a great deal of exercise everyday, for others it’s not so easy – especially for those who work long hours and find it difficult to make the time to get their blood pumping.

However, getting fitter doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult and there are ways to squeeze some more exercise into your daily routine.

For example, a thirty-minute power walk could be made in a lunch hour, and you’ll even be left with half an hour to eat lunch and read a few pages of your favourite book.

Or, if you live within walking distance of your work, you could give your car a break and travel by foot. You’ll even save some money on petrol too!

There are plenty of ways of getting some more exercise into your day, and absolutely no need to break the bank by joining the gym!

Photo © Ed Yourdon via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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