Lexus in lift shaft freefall

I’ve no idea how it would impact on your chances of getting a cheap car insurance quote, but I can say that driving down a lift shaft is never a good idea.

Someone should have said this to a parking garage attendant in New York who accidentally drove a Lexus five floors down a lift shaft.

Before you start thinking this is a bit of a light-hearted or macabre way to report a tragedy, I’d like to say that it wasn’t a disaster.

This is because the man in question somehow survived with only minor injuries.

“A guy drove into an empty elevator shaft. The elevator wasn’t there, he went all the way down,” said one observer, succinctly while at the same time sounding like he was leading into a punch-line.

It was a freak accident said another, perhaps putting it mildly.

Others in the area reported hearing an explosion-like sound while some were worried that a bomb had gone off.

I’ve often had nightmares about falling down a lift shaft, but never in a car, not until now anyway.

Photo © donebythehandsofabrokenartist via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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