Wheel Clamp Man – hero or menace?

A man from Perth in Western Australia has turned superhero and begun removing motorists’ wheel clamps.

Apparently taking inspiration from Britain’s Angle-grinder Man (active around ten years ago), Wheel Clamp Man dons a green leotard, long rainbow socks, a fake mustache, and red eye mask, and takes to the streets to aid those in need.

After removing a clamp he asks drivers for a small donation, which he then reportedly gives to the homeless. 

This all sounds very amusing and kindhearted, but the problem is that what he’s doing is illegal.  The police state that he is causing criminal damage, and would very much like the public to help track him down.

Wheel clamps are put in place for a reason – and anyone unauthorised to remove them shouldn’t try.  If they feel they’ve been clamped unfairly, which does happen sometimes, they should follow the appeal process available to them.

I’m not sure how much longer Wheel Clamp Man will be coming to the rescue of road users, but hopefully soon he will see that he’s saving road users’ money the wrong way.

Perhaps he should stop cutting off clamps to prevent motorists from having to pay a fine, and instead get a job with a telematics car insurance company.

Photo © ecastro via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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