Hair-raising highway ordeal

Driving can sometimes be a frightening business, but one woman driver in the United States recently had a particularly terrifying behind-the-wheel experience.

While driving along the highway, her car suddenly accelerated and could not be slowed down.

Over the course of 58 miles, she consistently reached speeds of 120 mph.

Initially police thought that they had a speeding car in their hand and tried to get the driver to pull over – and although they were right about the speeding, they were wrong about having a criminal driver on their hands.

Understandably alarmed that she could not get her KIA 4WD to stop or slow down, the woman called her husband and the emergency services in the hope they would be able to help.

First she was told that she should put her car into neutral, but that didn’t help, so police then cleared the highway while clearly preparing for the worst.

Finally, she was told to lift her stuck accelerator pedal while simultaneously braking. Relief all around: it worked.

What an astonishing and hair-raising ordeal! Certainly a far cry from the more humdrum motoring dilemma of looking for the cheapest car insurance quote!  

Photo © The Tire Zoo via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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