Cheap car insurance, potplants and blogging

So, this is my first duck2water cheap car insurance blog post, and I'm a bit bemused. Not by car insurance, because I understand why motor cover is important in people's minds and why, in the current financial climate, it is important to be able to get the cheapest car insurance quote that you can.

No, I'm confused about blogging and why, in my techno-phobe's world, it has become a writing phenomenon of global proportions.

Talking about 'global', there's a pot-plant in Japan that is currently completeing a blog from a cafe in Tokyo. Midori, as the plant is known, electronically relays to its adoring readers a daily dose of weather talk and an eloquent summary of how it is 'feeling', well as eloquent as a pot plant can be I suppose. People go into the internet cafe where it is situated and rub its leaves, talk to it and generally interact with it. Then, using the power of sensors and algorithms, electrical pulses are turned into blog posts and the world learns what this particular succulent plant is 'thinking'.

You'll be pleased to learn, that I don't need sensors or algorithms for my thoughts to be interpreted (although some people in my male-dominated office might disagree, as, being the sole woman here, I present a gender challenge to their every utterance), but when it comes to car insurance stories, I do tend to gravitate towards those focused on female drivers.

Car insurance, as you are probably well aware, is heavily gender and age biased - women can often get cheaper quotes, while young men will have to bite the bullet and pay more heavily for the right to drive on UK roads. It's unavoidable and many car insurance providers out there target a sector of the car driving public in order to get a premium out of their pocket or their purse.

Of course, it is one of very few markets these days where it pays to get a few years under your belt, and the more mature amongst us, will only benefit from 'experience' behind the wheel and the ability to have clocked up a healthy no-claim bonus. We actually get a better deal for being - gasp - old! (I'm not that old, but to my 7-year-old daughter I might as well be a hundred and fifty.)

So, my first blog is almost done, and I'll finish by speculating what the Tokyo pot plant might have to say about my effort.

The pot plant might say - "It's OK, she's old!" but I haven't crashed my computer in about ten days, so I must be doing something right. Perhaps blogging doesn't need to be confusing after all.

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