Beating the breathaliser

We at duck2water are not a fan of Alcopal, the new pill which “allows” drivers to drink as many as five pints of full strength beer and still remain under the drink driving limit.

“The product is for blokes like me who do go down to the pub and have more than just one pint,” said the product’s seller.

"You could lose your licence, your job and your home all for the sake of being 1% over the limit.”

It’s a real worry. This pill sends out all the wrong messages. Although it might reduce the body’s ability to absorb alcohol and therefore help drinkers “beat the breathalyser”, the fact remains that it will not improve the performance or ability of drink drivers.

Furthermore, using this pill to get behind the wheel while drunk will not be looked on kindly by anyone’s car insurance company. Also, it’s illegal.

As a spokesperson from West Midlands Police says, “If you’re driving while over the limit, we will catch you.”

I don’t think we’re alone in hoping that this pill is soon taken off the UK market.

Image © West Midlands Police via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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