Proof that money only brings pain

There’s something about big spending that gives me an awful sinking feeling.

Even if I do have the money to spend on an object, whether it is a new bike, new car, new computer or new piece of clothing, it always leaves me feeling a little sick and circumspect.

It is one of the reasons why I could never own a Ferrari, aside from the inevitably exorbitant car insurance.

As much as I can admire the slick, iconic look and high-performance Italian engineering of the Ferrari, I just know that if I owned one I would suffer what I will call performance car anxiety.

Would it get scratched? Would it bottom out? Would I reverse it into a tree? Would it get stolen? What if I was priced out of being able to get the thing covered?

So, pity the poor man who bought a Ferrari two weeks ago only for it to be written off by a big 4x4 which drove up and crushed its bonnet just days later.

The sports car had a mere 500 miles on the clock – ouch!

Image © motoyen via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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