Britain gets ready to go Electric

It seems that the tide has finally turned. After years of being written off as either underpowered, a futile token of environmentalism or a silly gimmick, people are at last beginning to accept that the future of motoring might just turn out to be electric.

Whereas electric vehicles used to have very little credibility among the motoring public, with the vast majority deriding them for all of the above reasons, a recent survey by vehicle valuations company Glass’s has found that more than half of motorists are prepared to embrace electric cars, even branding them as the “vehicle of the future”.

Despite this news, resistance still remains, with 28% dismissing them as a marketing gimmick. And in a further sign of how far we still are from all going electric, only 9% say that they would consider an electric car as their next vehicle.

Contrary to popular belief, electric cars have existed in one form or another for over a century now. However, it is only now that they have begun to really take off.

Just this week it was revealed by the transport secretary that the government will be offering vehicle buyers a grant of up to £5,000 to subsidise the purchase of an electric car. It is hoped that the move will go some way to reducing emissions and improving overall air quality

In addition, plans were announced for hundreds of new electric vehicle charging points across the country.

It seems that car insurance companies need to ready themselves for the new breed of electric motorist.

Image © terren in Virginia via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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