Personalised plates can cost a pretty penny

Imagine if you had enough money to buy an expensive personalised registration plate. What would it say?

In 2008, Arabian billionaire Saeed Abdul Ghaffer Khouri, from a wealthy family in Abu Dhabi, spent £7 million on a number plate with just one written on it as a numeral. Apparently he said that he bought it because number one was “the best number”.

Reports at the time stated that he had been more than prepared to spend twice as much on the registration.

The proceeds from the auction at which the plate was bought went towards helping victims of traffic accidents, so that makes the expensive price a bit easier to swallow, I suppose.

If you want to enjoy making your own registration plate and dreaming that you’re a billionaire, then here’s a website for you to have fun on.

DemonPlates gives you a realistic image of what your registration would look like, and even lets you buy the end result. A word of warning however, you can’t use the plates on the road unless you already own that particular registration. The company only makes the plates, they don’t sell the numbers.

We even had a go ourselves and here’s what we came up with: DUC2 WTR
Have fun!

Image © wwarby via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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