Avoiding the half term rush

Most UK schools broke up for half term last Friday and many families set off for their October breaks. Cheap car insurance holders on their way back from work found themselves caught up in hectic traffic jams, as cars laden with holiday luggage made their way to the top tourist hotspots.

It seems likely that the motorways will be packed with half term travellers all week long. However, the Highways Agency has proposed a much needed solution in the form an online trip planner, which allows motorists to ascertain when the roads will be busiest.

Steve Crosthwaite, Head of the Highway Agency's National Traffic Control Centre, said, “Our data shows we can expect more traffic on the motorways and major A roads we manage throughout the half term week.

“In contrast to the main summer getaway, the pressure in October is spread around the country more and does not focus so much on a few key holiday routes.”

The Highways Agency does an excellent job of collecting road information from vehicle sensors and CCTVs throughout the UK. Any news of road accidents is rapidly relayed to motorists, using overhead motorway message signs and websites.

Anybody thinking of making the trip to the picturesque coastal areas of Britain over the coming days is advised to thoroughly check their vehicles. It is sensible to top the car radiator up with anti-freeze whenever you are planning on taking lengthy road trips in the cooler months.

Image © leehaywood, via Flickr under Creative Commons Licence

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