Gold-painted Porsche completely eco-friendly

A gold-painted £130,000 Porsche GT3 RS has been declared completely eco-friendly thanks to its zero fuel emissions.

Not quite the same as the standard model, the car, which looks exactly like a Porsche, has swapped the standard twin-turbo 3.6 litre air-cooled flat-6 engine for a pair of pedals and a chain.

Completely pedal-powered, the car took six months to build and £11,000 to make, which is a steal compared with the £130,000 a standard model costs. Extortionate car insurance costs also won't be worry as this model is technically a bike.

The replica was built by 45-year-old Hannes Langeder and is now currently on show in the Lentos Museum of Art in Linz, Austria.

Special features of the pedal car include a rear wing and massive air inlets on the front spoiler to help with the aero dynamics of the car and to provide ventilation for the driver.

Made from a steel-frame with the rest of the body made from plastic tubes, foil and reams of tape, the model weighs just 99.kg but can only reach speeds of about 10mph when peddling hard.

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