Big freeze creates big explosion

With his vehicle turned into a car-shaped popscicle after bad weather froze it solid, the most logical action for one elderly gentleman was to put a blow heater under the bonnet to defrost it.

Unfortunately blow heaters and car electrics aren't the greatest mix, especially when there's melting ice leaking onto exposed cabling.

Consequently the elderly driver's ice-cube-car was soon turned into a flaming firebomb causing two explosions and setting the OAP's house on fire.

Fearing that his defrosting attempt might cost him his house as well as his car, the 76-year-old quickly rang the fire brigade who managed to quench the flames before the fire had a chance to spread.

Sadly the fire was not stopped before the fire managed to exact £35,000 worth of damages including charring to the unfortunate man's house.

No doubt the man will resort to more conventional methods of car defrosting if his replacement car freezes over.

[Image © AMagill via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence]

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