The first time I … had a veggie Christmas

I took to nut roast like a duck to Coco Pops.

My first Christmas as a vegetarian was not too successful. While I tucked in merrily to the roast potatoes, parsnips and even the brussel sprouts, I could only eye up the nut roast plonked on my plate with suspicion.

I first became veggie aged ten. While I was very stubborn about my anti-meat-eating convictions, I have to say that getting through that first Christmas cold turkey (or sans cold turkey as the case may be), proved the toughest.

Unfortunately, turkey substitutes and fake sausages wrapped in fake bacon just simply aren't as good as the real thing and I have yet to find the perfect alternative. While some may be happy with just the dinner minus the meat, I feel slightly hard done by if I don't have some kind of meat replacement.  

Christmas this year will be yet another search for the holy grail of vegetarian Christmas dinners as the nut roast just doesn't cut it.

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