Go to a game - get a quarter of a million pounds, yeah!

And that is just what happened to one lucky punter (literally) at Wembley Stadium on a chilly Tuesday evening in November.

Stuart Tinner had gone along to watch Saracens play Rugby Union World Champions, South Africa, in a midweek game at Wembley. Organisers had put the £250,000 prize up for grabs in a common rugby half time game of "Can you hit the cross bar?"

Three lucky spectators were picked from text entries made by members of the 46,000 strong crowd, but the 24-year-old job centre worker took to the 30 metre line first and after taking off his shoes, punted the ball 30 metres to land plumb on the goal posts' cross bar. For a moment the joy was on hold as, technically, he was supposed to have drop-kicked the ball by letting it bounce before he kicked it. However, after common sense prevailed the gigantic cheque was in his hands, cheerleaders mobbed him and the place went mad for it.

The fifth choice hooker from Welwyn RFC told reporters he would be buying drinks for all the cheerleaders after the game, but sensibly said in front of the cameras that he would probably buy a flat and a car – a cheaper proposition perhaps judging by beer prices at Wembley.

And generally there seemed to be nothing but good feeling for the guy.

Personally, I love a good luck story and as rugby union is my sport of choice (I watched the last half hour of the game on TV, but missed the half time party) I think this story is brilliant.

And Henry's Hand of God? Disgraceful – give us Tinner's Socks of Joy any day.

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