The first time I… saw someone take to the fourth plinth

I took to plinth watching like a duck2water.

In fact three of us in the office were initially transfixed by the art/history project which saw one new person take to the fourth plinth in London's Trafalgar square, every hour for 100 days as part of Anthony Gormley's living statue venture.

Two of us had applied to go on, but unfortunately were never chosen and our other colleague's boyfriend actually made it onto the plinth in a very late night spot in the third week of the project.

There have been mixed reactions to the living statue, but here in the office we thought it was a great idea - we watched as people sat in the pouring rain, or ranted about social policy, or sang songs to a handful of spectators below.

We marvelled at some of the artwork made atop the plinth and admired the ingenuity of ideas which came to fruition under the gaze of the internet's live feed. And all three of us sat and dreamt about what we would do if our hour of glory arrived.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph Gormley summed up his thoughts on the One and Other project. He spoke about the wide range of personal responses to the living statue's call and the forms they took:

"Yeah, …public causes, whether they were to do with political, medical, or Save The Children, but then also the private declarations of love, affection or loss. And when you combine that with moments of complete bizarre eccentricity, there's an amazing mix here. And I think it is that mix …it's the diversity…this is a slice of life; this is an amazing tribute to the varieties of human self representation and experience."

Whoever they were, whatever they did, whether we liked it or not, whether we laughed, thought deeply or switched off quickly - here in the duck2water office we were in awe of the project. And I personally would see it go on forever, because then I might get my chance to take to the fourth plinth like a proverbial duck2water.

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