The first time I… saw a car stuck on a raised bridge

It was unbelievable. Queuing up by the Maple-Oregon Bridge at Sturgeon Bay, near the Great Lakes in the US state of Wisconsin, I could see the drawbridge opening.

It took a while to realise - but sitting high up on a lift part of the bridge as it was slowly rising in the air I could see a car.

Ever so slowly the drawbridge continued to edge into the air - but the car stayed rooted to its precarious, terrifying perch.

Apparently the woman had stalled and could not re-start her engine. Defying gravity, her vehicle hung onto the road surface - presumably with the handbrake on!

Her scary plight was spotted by bridge staff and, thankfully, the huge road transport structure was lowered. Back on 'flat earth', the woman was soon able to get underway and carry on her journey.

Amazing. The stuck car's antics have made news across the world and a video has been put on YouTube. You can watch it here:

A media hunt is now underway to find the driver after officials announced they wanted to find her to discover how the worrying incident happened.

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