The first time I took my car for its MOT

My car took to its MOT like a duck to a vacuum cleaner.

My first car was the stereotypical student rust bucket. Bits would fall off as I drove along, funny smells would be emitted when I braked and steam would pour out if I was in a jam for too long.

Not surprisingly it didn't pass its MOT the first time round. About the only thing that managed to pass the dreaded test was the horn, which despite its overuse, still worked perfectly.

Almost everything from the exhaust to the windscreen wipers had some fault or need of repair leaving me with a whopping bill of £300. Especially frustrating when the car was only worth about £500.

Not wanting to depart with my beloved 'Kitty' (yes, it had a name), I dutifully handed over the cash and she was back on the road again (for about six months until the cam belt went on the M1).

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