The first time I… crashed my car

I can't say this was anything like a duck crash landing on the water - it was much more messy!

Approaching a bend, I spotted a BMW car emerging from a T-junction on my right hand side. I flashed my lights indicating I was able to let the driver of the other vehicle pull out in front of me.

Looking at me and smiling, the driver pulled out… and she was immediately struck by a large white van travelling in the opposite direction!

It was very similar to this one on YouTube…

Unfortunately, the other driver had seen me flashing my lights but failed to look the other way to check whether it was safe to do so.

Chaos and disaster then ensued as her BMW was spun round several times, eventually colliding with the side of mine.

Thankfully, no-one was seriously hurt, but I'll never forget that crash - flashing head lights at other motorists is a practice that should probably be avoided!

Do you remember your first crash? Please tell us about it.

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