The first time I… drove the Google car

Apteras charging at Google by Kevin Marks.

We took to the Google car like a duck2water.

So you didn't know that the search engine giant Google makes cars? Well, it does - kind of. It has reportedly invested £1.7million into development of the Aptera, as it is known.

When duck2water was able to get our, err, wings on it… well, it really seemed to fly! Such a good looking car that was fantastic fun to drive despite having only three wheels.

Our top driver in the duck2water office was given free range to test drive the eco-friendly, electric Aptera 2e vehicle over in the US. So, what did he think?

Well, really, it's a covered motorbike - no helmet required. It is claimed to have a top speed of 85mph and can go from nought to 60 in less than 10 seconds, although he couldn't achieve those stats.

Looking so cool and futuristic like something out of the Jetsons or Thunderbirds, it turned heads on the highway - everyone had their mobile phone cameras out!

The interior is like something out of a James Bond movie and, amazingly bearing in mind its green credentials, the Aptera comes with air conditioning. Designed to be a commuter car, the battery runs for 100 miles.

Those three wheels don't seem to affect handling and braking was good - in fact, it could have been a four-wheeler. duck2water could see this vehicle appearing on UK roads. Selling at an estimated £15-25,000, it is much cheaper than other eco-cars coming to market so it may not break the bank.

We think the Google car is great and can't anticipate any problems insuring this little beauty. And on top of everything else, it's saving the planet!

Image © Kevin Marks via Flickr, under Creative Commons License

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