Cheap car insurance and downsizing your wheels

Yes, we all know there's a recession on and there has been much in the news lately about motorists who want to downsize their vehicle in order to save on the cost of their car insurance, but there must be many motorists out there who really do need a car. Mums, for instance, would find the school run a bit daunting trying to get the eldest to the community college and then the twins to primary school all on the back of a 50cc Ninja Moped. And what about the weekly shop - it won't fit in a top box, will it?

So, how do you get cheap car insurance in these credit crunched times? Well, duck2water is a dedicated online motor cover provider who keep their overheads low by not having expensive high street premises or big-budget advertising campaigns.

If you want to get a really competitive car insurance deal or just want to see if we can beat your renewal quote, jump in and give us your details on our duck2water quote pages. And see if we can save you from having to ditch your Skoda for a Scooter.

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