The first time I … discovered that my car leaked

I took to sun roof repairs like a duck2water.

Yes, it's summer – it's cold and rain is lashing down outside the office window – but luckily my ride home is watertight and warm.

It hasn't always been like that of course. In my student days I took my newly purchased gold Opel Kadett out for a spin in one such summer downpour - feeling confident about driving the twisty lanes of Somerset in the wet – only to discover, as I took rather a sharp bend in the road, that a substantial amount of rain water had pooled in the runner tracks of the fold back black sunroof (definitely not factory fitted) and as I went hard right the whole lot came pouring through and soaked me.

At home, I borrowed my neighbour's duct tape and stuck the sunroof down so firmly that it was never to be opened again.

And since that day my car repairs have been of much the same quality – it's amazing what you can secure in place with No More Nails; radio antennae, headlamps, bonnets!

Image © access.denied via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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