The first time I ordered drive thru …

Parking Idiot - USPS Mailbox Drive Thru Lakeshore Plaza CA 6BUA854 (Chevy) by AgentAkit.

I took to drive thru ..like a Duck2Water

The first time I ordered drive through was after a particularly nasty stew cooked by my mum. Having managed to scrap the offensive tasting mush of carrots and cabbage under my rather grey looking mashed potato, I managed to leave the table and nip in the car and head to my local yellow-peaked mc drive thru.

Having made my selection (some cholesterol-filled heart attack burger with coronary causing fries), I proceeded to the little man at the window to place my order and despite trepidation, I did manage to stop close enough to the window for the man to be able to give my change.

Impressively, before I'd even reached the second window, there was my meal already waiting for me. Hardly Cordon Bleu or the healthiest meal I've ever had but it tasted good nonetheless and I managed to get my meal without any logistical faux pas unlike the person in this photo.

[Image © AgentAkit via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence]

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