The first time I… flew a red arrow

Red Arrows by garryknight.

I took to flying a red arrow like a duck2water.

Ok, so I didn't really fly a red arrow in the real world and to be honest just watching them turns my stomach slightly. However, in my dream I was amazing at flying one! I managed a triple loop the loop, a barrel roll and I pulled off the heart shape display with ease and finesse.

After watching the display team's incredible aerobatic feats as they swooped and soared over the skies of sunny Sussex this weekend for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, I have to admit I was awe-struck at the amazing grace and precision they can handle their Hawk T1s.

The selected pilots have to be frontline RAF pilots with at least 1,500 hours flying time and be assessed as above average in their flying role, none of the credentials that I can put to my name.

However if I was a red arrows pilot, I would jazz up the display by having a purple smoke trail and maybe introduce a formation that resembled a particular hand gesture to display above my ex-boyfriend's house.

What formation would you introduce if you were a red arrows pilot?

[Image © Garry Knight via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence]

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