The first time I… was made redundant

Try to look on the bright side, lift yourself to better things

In the current economic downturn, more and more of us have to take to losing our jobs like ducks to water. If we don't, it may hamper our ability to move on to new work, perhaps better things - maybe a whole improved new life.

Losing my first job was a most chaotic and stressful time. Searching for a new role in the 1990s recession - not as bad, it seems, as this one in the 21st century - was a major challenge.

Various thoughts went through my mind - from denial, shock and anger to guilt and depression. What was important was that I decided to move quickly to job searching.

I managed to secure temporary work initially and then it took several months to secure a new full-time role, working self-employed. It was a contract I found through networking with friends.

It is important to neither get discouraged by rejection nor lose motivation. Thinking on my experiences, you might want to read about dealing with job search desperation. This four-point plan isn't bad either. Hope this post is of some help to anyone affected.

If you have any questions about redundancy and all that such a change brings, or you have work searching tips to share, feel free to drop a comment onto this blog. I will respond and/or publish all your remarks and observations.

Come on, let's help each other in these tough times…

Image © h.koppdelaney via Flickr, under Creative Commons License

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