Typo howlers and footballer's sewage

In these days of textspeak (txtspk) and spellcheck, is it any wonder that some members of the work force are losing the ability to realise their spelling mistakes. And a mere cursory glance through some of the online copy produced by what used to be the broad sheet quality press will reveal typos and bad grammar galore.

So, it was with not much surprise that I read of some American signage that was erected in Wisconsin misspelling three of the four words that the sign contained – Rothschild became Rothschield, Schofield became Schofeild and Business 51 became Buisness 51.

The only word the sign writers managed to get right was ‘exit' – hmm!

Local residents apparently took the sign with a pinch of salt, but there was some collective astonishment that it could have been painted, delivered and installed without someone noticing the errors.

Having said that, I do make some typing howlers myself on occasion and it was probably less than an hour ago that I was writing about affluent premier league footballers, when I mistakenly typed an ‘e' instead of the ‘a'. Still, if I hadn't seen that one I'm sure not too many readers would have realised the mistake.


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