The first time I… was in a violent road rage attack

Road rage is not something I took to like a duck to water. To be honest I was terrified and wished I could have flown away at great speed.

It all happened at a roundabout. Two cars ahead of me were vying for the best spot in a multi-lane approach to the join the 'traffic circle' (as they call roundabouts in the USA).

One of the cars managed to cut up the other, causing frantic braking and a near miss. I could see the driver of the vehicle that was cut up opening his car door. He did not look happy.

In fact, he was furious and advanced on the other vehicle shouting and screaming. It was not a surprise to see him become violent (he looked pretty much as angry as the chap in the photo on this blog post).

He lashed out with a fist at the driver's side window and it smashed into smithereens. Now he had a clear shot at the motorist… and he took it - punching him in the head several times.

I was terrified he would attack me next just because I was nearby. Thankfully he didn't - but it was an ugly incident, never forgotten. After whacking the other driver, the violent thug just drove off.

Do you have any scary tales of road rage? Feel free to tell the world about them here - we'll keep a running tally.

Image © Bobaloo Rox via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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