The lady's not for turning

So, the latest star to get a gig out of sat-nav is Bob Dylan and no I won't do any blowin' in the car jokes or GPS it is a changin' puns. I will just say that as a confirmed sat-nav fan there are probably better choices for my preference than the gravel-voiced stylings of the 60s music icon.

Drivers have for a long time been ordered to "take the exit" by John Cleese in typical bossy form, and ably directed by Alan Partridge, Mr T and even by the voice of 70s Doctor Who actor Tom Baker. But why would you want a sultry Kim Cattrall, from hit US series Sex and the City, huskily telling you to "bear left"? Surely this would just be a distinct distraction for many drivers - especially men.

And as we went round the car insurance office personnel, it was predominantly the voices of men that were chosen as the guide of preference. So without further ado, here they are – the duck2water sat-nav ‘voice of choice' top ten:

  1. Margaret Thatcher – female strength and power personified

  2. Thierry Henry – va va voom

  3. Mickey Rourke

  4. Al Pacino – in character as Tony Montana from 1983 Gangster classic Scarface

  5. Kitt – the original voice of the Knight Rider Pontiac Trans Am as performed by William Daniels

  6. Steven Hawking

  7. Keira Knightley – possibly in the clipped vocalisation from Atonement

  8. Martin Luther King

  9. Ian Hislop – mainly because he infuriates the heck out of my pal opposite and because he chose…

  10. Nicholas Cage – a man I can't bear the sight or sound of

Yes, Margaret Thatcher could tell me to ‘turn right' any day and the fun would be in saying ‘no' and driving straight on (which I often do – perhaps I haven't got the hang of sat-nav after all).

Image © me'nthedogs via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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