The first time I… used an in-car sat nav system

When I first used a satellite navigation system in my new Vauxhall Astra, I really did take to using it like a duck to water!

I found the whole experience amazing. Not really sure how it worked at first, I spent about half-an-hour playing with the buttons and planning imaginary routes.

It all seemed quite straightforward so I punched in address details of the next day's real journey to Cambridge. The machine calculated the route and all was set.

Next morning I set off. Never having been to Cambridge before, I found the journey so much simpler than using an old-fashioned map.

Within a couple of hours, the sat nav was steering me around the university city of Cambridge like a pro. I remember pulling up outside my destination virtually dumbstruck that this remarkable gadget could guide me right to the door.

If you've not got a sat nav, they are highly recommended for those often difficult to navigate journeys.

Image © KhE via Flickr, under Creative Commons License

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