The first time I went zorbing

I took to zorbing like a duck2water.

The first time I went in a zorb was in Rotorua, New Zealand. Having been convinced it was a good idea, my brother and sister-in-law both joined me in the zorb. Once a bucket full of soapy warm water and been chucked in there with us to make standing impossible, we were awkwardly pushed off the top of a hill.

I imagine if you crossed a water slide with a sumo wrestling ring, it would feel pretty similar to how it felt hurtling down that hill. Various elbows, knees and feet rattled around the plastic bubble causing us to all come out covered in bruises but smiling nonetheless. Although it was one of the most expensive 30 seconds I've spent, it was well worth it.

With the hunt for the greenest mode of transport, perhaps we should switch to zorbs. As long as your journey was downhill all the way, you'd get there in no time and have fun in the process. No doubt it would cheer up the mundane commute to work and banish all traces of road rage- bumping into each other would only make it more fun!

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