The first time I … went through a red light

I took to traffic lights like a duck 2 algebra.

Strangely enough I had a dream one night that I would be driving along with my policeman boyfriend sat next to me when I would go through a red light and he would arrest me.

Only a few weeks later, almost exactly just that happened. I was merrily driving along late at night with my boyfriend sat next to me singing along to the radio when suddenly I passed through a red light. I didn't even notice it until my boyfriend shouted at me. I would like to say I had the excuse of driving in an area I didn't know but the lights are just outside my house and I make almost daily trips through them.

Thankfully, unlike in my dream my boyfriend did not arrest me nor report me although I did get a severe reprimand from him.

Luckily the traffic light also didn't have a camera in it so not only did I manage to pass through without my boyfriend arresting me but I also escaped a hefty fine and points on my licence as well. That would not have helped my renewal car insurance quote.

Image © David Silverline, via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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