Cut costs by sharing

The costs of petrol and car insurance may seem exorbitant, particularly at a time when the economy is in dire peril. However, a large proportion of individuals in the UK would find it impossible to get by without their vehicles.

People who are caught in the catch 22 situation of being unable to ditch their vehicles at the same time as struggling financially, are advised to join a local car sharing scheme. By teaming up with nearby motorist, who drive a similar daily route, it is possible to significantly reduce your driving costs.

In a recent survey by the AA it was discovered that 16,000 individuals would consider joining a car sharing scheme, as long as they could rely on the punctuality of other sharers. However, a significant proportion would worry about sitting in a vehicle with somebody they didn't know.

Edmund King, the AA President, said, “The survey shows that at least a quarter of those who don't car share at present could if they found a driving 'buddy' who does the same regular route at least some of the time.

“That is what [car pools are] about: introducing drivers to the car sharing network, its possibilities and the flexibility it offers.”

Car insurance holders who realise the importance of networking may be interested in commuting with local business people. They may be interested to hear that the government are offering a cash incentive to all sharers.

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