Christmas goodies for your car - that's if you have one

For those of you who have not yet got a car – a car may be on your Christmas list.  If you are already a vehicle owner you might want to receive some great car gadgets instead.

I get very excited by the prospect of in-car DVD players which attach to the back of the headrests, and then I remember that I’m going to be the one driving and only the passengers will benefit, so I forget all about the idea once again.

Of course, there’s always a SAT NAV.  Oh, how I’ve longed for one since they first appeared on the market.

They’re so very useful and – so very bad at reading maps sometimes.

Friends of mine who have them attached to their dashboard or windscreen have many a tale about the SAT NAV’s idea of a shortcut - through a building - or a simple right turn into a dead end.

The problem with any SAT NAV is that the UK is changing so fast it can’t keep up, poor thing!

Chocolate, socks, a new mug and some vouchers? Yes, that will be lovely thank you.

Image © sneakerdog via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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