£60 fine is snow joke for motorists

Some parts of the UK have been heavily disrupted by the recent snow (Scotland’s seeing its worst winter in 45 years), but in most areas life continues as normal, which has prompted police to issue a warning about snowy car roofs.

Motorists who drive with snow on their vehicle’s roof may be fined £60 and have three points put on their licence.

This warning should be paid attention to. That extra minute or so it would take to brush the snow off from the top of the car, probably isn’t worth £60 and three licence points.

As well as the potential cost, more importantly, it’s dangerous and that’s why police are prepared to fine people as a deterrent. Snow can fall into the road behind you, causing any vehicle following at the rear to have an accident, or, if you have to brake a little suddenly, you may find yourself with a sheet of snow on your windscreen, blocking your view ahead.

So, in summary:
  • Building a snowman on your car roof – fine.
  • Driving around with a snowman on your car roof – bad.

Have a safe Christmas everyone.

Image © retrospects via Flickr, under Creative Common Licence

Haha that's my pic!! I tried to drive to work with him up there but he did not make it far!
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