My super value Christmas

Just for once this Christmas I had the good sense and foresight to plan my presents all in advance.

Even a week before the big day I had everything bought, wrapped and bagged and can’t help but feel extremely satisfied with myself. This year I was also clever enough to use price comparison websites to obtain the cheapest quotes for all my gifts – well done me.

But this is the first year I’ve managed to be so organised and it was only a few years ago that I didn’t even shop around for the cheapest car insurance.

The truth was – that just like with Christmas presents – I simply couldn’t be bothered. But there are major savings to be made.

A recent survey by Virgin Money has revealed that British policyholders could save as much £1.5 billion on their insurance premiums – this figure is combined, obviously, unless you’re George Michael, in which case you may well have to spend several billion on your insurance premium.

Apparently, most of us are not willing to shop around on renewal, unless we’re quoted a policy that is more than 7.4 per cent expensive than the one we’re renewing.

I can almost hear my sixth form school teacher saying, “See, I told you so – all good things come with a bit of work and preparation.”

Image © emdot via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence


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