DJ creates perfect tune for the road

It is hard to deny the musicality of a gently revved Rolls Royce engine or rock and roll style screeching of the Ferrari exhaust. However, it is questionable whether many of us would have the vision to use such noises in the creation of a full length tune.

To see beyond the normal realms of R&B and pop takes somebody with imagination and willingness to experiment. Such traits accurately define Mark Marrington, a lecturer at Leeds University and the brains behind dance track, Cars.

Unlike Gary Numan's 1970s track of the same name, this new release is comprised entirely of vehicular noises. Listeners are treated to an intriguing blend of car horns, screaming brakes and vehicle alarms during the groovy little number.

The technologically-minded academic said, “Making this piece in fact seems to have broadened my ability to hear and process sound. I simply don't find these sounds annoying any more.

“In fact I'm more likely to consider the piped music we hear everywhere blaring from radios, supermarket speakers etc to be the real noise.”

It is fairly unlikely that the piece will find a place in the affections of the British public, as it sounds quite similar to most popular music. Still, Mr Marrington can look forward to acquiring plenty of fans via Youtube.

Photo © photosteve101 via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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