Camouflage doesn’t always work

Imagine this – you are a very wealthy Italian playboy and your family is well-known and followed about by paparazzi.

You’re driving down the motorway in your garish camouflage-pattered Ferrari 458, looking at everyone else’s mediocre vehicles with a pitying look as you fly past, when suddenly you roll to a standstill because your car has run out of fuel.

Embarrassing? Wait – it doesn’t end there!

Due to your notoriety as one of Italy’s richest men and your family connections to car manufacturer Fiat, people driving past recognise you and start taking photos on their phones and tweeting about your misfortune.

Furthermore, you and your fancy vehicle have to be saved from the roadside by a pick-up truck.

This all recently happened to Lapo Elkann, grandson of the founder of Fiat, despite there apparently being a petrol station around every 20 miles down that particular stretch of highway.

I bet he’ll pay more attention to his fuel gauge from now on!

Photo © fry_theonly via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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