Your car as your doctor? What a quacky idea?

The cars of the future… Autonomous? Perhaps. Wheel-less? Perhaps. Carbon neutral? Perhaps? A replacement for your doctor? Surely you’ve finally cracked, perhaps you need to see your doctor?

But no, we’re not going completely potty. The truth is that the cars of the future are likely to benefit our health in numerous ways.

Take Ford, for example, which is developing an in-car breath analysis system for people with diabetes, which will be able warn drivers of when their blood sugar is low and they need an insulin top-up.

Or what about the other Ford technology currently in development – a system that will warn allergy sufferers when there are high numbers of pollens or allergens in the air.

Further down the line, such technologies could have a huge impact on the UK car insurance market. Perhaps it is not unrealistic to imagine a scenario where people currently thought of as too high risk to qualify for cover – those with epilepsy, narcoclepsy or heart problems, for example – might be able to drive again because of warning systems built into vehicle systems.

Image © elias_daniel via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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