Three-piece disaster waiting to happen

Nissan Micras are useful little cars, used and well-loved by many motorists in the UK.

However, they are not the ideal transport when you have a three-piece suite to move from A to B.

One driver thought they’d try anyway though, and was spotted by another road user near Exeter on the A30 with a settee and an armchair on his car’s roof, and another armchair in the boot.

There was no roof rack, and the items were only held down with some lengths of string and the passenger’s left hand.

It seems that the motorist was well aware of the inadequate job he’d made of securing the furniture to his vehicle, since he was only travelling at 30mph on the 70mph stretch of highway.

The whole affair could have resulted in a very serious accident and the head of Devon and Cornwall police’s traffic department has stated that they will be making contact with the driver.

He said, “Drivers who decide to use entirely unsuitable vehicles to carry large loads present a danger to other road users.

“The load may be tied on to the vehicle but the vehicle itself is entirely inappropriate for carrying such large pieces of furniture.”

So, the next time you’re going to carry large items of furniture on a small car – don’t – hire a van instead.

Photo © rileyroxx via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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