Taxi to my crime den, please

Obviously we don’t condone any criminal activities at all – in fact we’re quite against any unlawful behaviour.

However, I think you’d agree that if you are going to commit a crime – burgling for example – then you should think about how you’re going to get away afterwards without being caught.

Two ridiculous thieves in Suffolk didn’t think about this very hard before stealing things from a log cabin in Haverhill which was positioned next to the owner’s home and being used as a recording studio.

One of the men, worried that he was going to be late for a dentist appointment – no joke – had asked his mate to help him with the robbery.

After taking some audio and recording equipment worth around £7465, the pair ordered a taxi and used their real names and gave the ringleader’s real home address!

The taxi driver thought their behaviour and what they wanted transported was suspicious, so he called the police. Around a similar time the owner of the log cabin reported the burglary, and a little later the neighbours of the burglars alerted police to suspicious goods being unloaded.

Needless to say both thieves pleaded guilty to their crimes – they had so much proof of their criminal activities stacked up against them there wouldn’t have been any point pleading innocent.

Honest citizens and police: One.
Bungling burglars: Zero.

Photo © Leonid Mamchenkov via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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