Police spot female driver practicing eulogy

After catching a rugby player heading towards the motorway in a golf buggy and a U.F.O doing whatever a U.F.O does above Cardiff, the police could be forgiven for claiming that they’ve seen it all. That is until Scottish officers spotted a woman reading The Bible while driving in Scotland.

Apparently the female driver felt so unprepared as she made her way to a funeral in Perth that she felt impelled to seek holy inspiration. She failed to realise that by perching The Bible on her legs she was placing herself and other motorists in danger.

A representative of the Tayside Police said, “This weekend a road policing unit patrol car travelling on the A90 dual carriageway between Dundee and Perth noticed the female driver deep in concentration and apparently talking to herself.

“As the officials drew alongside the car, the driver was found to be reading from a bible propped up on the steering wheel.”

Although the officers had great sympathy for the woman’s situation they were left with little option but to issue a fine and add points to her driving license. This case should act as a reminder of the dangers of multi-tasking while on the road.

Photo © jmwk via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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