A food-filled Christmas

Over the past couple of weeks, here at duck2water we have been getting into the festive spirit of things and, now that Christmas day has been, we have exchanged anecdotes and horror stories of how our individual days went.

From charcoaled turkeys to unwanted gifts of shoe polish, it seems that everyone has at least one outrageous story to share.

However, when it comes to Christmas food, it seems that no one can quite agree on what makes a perfect Christmas. Some of us swear by homemade mince pies, whereas others feel they get a much better deal with the deeper fillings of the shop-bought pies.

The majority of us went for traditional turkey dinners, but one of us went for the controversial choice of a leg of lamb, while another has spent a great deal time trying to convince us all her vegetarian option of a nut roast was actually to die for!

Hmm... the jury is still out on that one!

However, one thing we all seemed to have in common was that we all chose to keep our cars locked away in garages on Christmas day so we could enjoy a celebratory drink or two.

Happy New Year everyone!

Photo © peterjroberts via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

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